Bridging clinical and academic settings by integrating quality and safety competencies
in nursing education and health care settings

  • Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) – Co-Investigator and Facilitator  
    $4.7 million funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Phases I, II, III, and IV

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    • Working with Professor Linda Cronenwett, Dr. Sherwood is Co-Investigator and Facilitator of the award winning Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), for Phases I, II, III and IV of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grants to reframe nursing role identify formation to include quality and safety as a part of daily work. She continues to serve on the Case Western Reserve University QSEN Institue Advisory Board.
    • The goal is transforming nursing education to prepare nurses in quality and safety consistent with practice redesign.  QSEN competencies are integrated into nursing curriculum essentials of the National League for Nursing, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Transition to Practice Project.
    • The QSEN project was recognized with two international awards from STTI for
    • Nursing Media and Information Technology.
    • Dr. Sherwood has helped disseminate QSEN outcomes through book chapters,
      peer-reviewed publications, invited editorials, and an award-winning book
      released in the spring, 2012
  • Teamwork and Interprofessional Education
    • Co-Leader: Interprofessional Approach to Quality and Safety, Summer Institute.
    • PI, Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp, The Doctors Company Foundation.
    • Nurse leader and Co-Investigator for two AHRQ grants for qualitative analysis of working together in the neonatal unit and in emergency department trauma resuscitation teams (Eric Thomas, MD, MPH, Principal Investigator) ($7+ million).
    • Nursing Team Leader for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University Schools of Medicine and Nursing Interdisciplinary Team Training grant funded by GlaxoSmithKline Foundation to measure effectiveness of teaching modalities for students’ interdisciplinary teamwork training. ($400.000)
    • TeamSTEPPS Technical Expert Panel, Department of Defense, AHRQ
    • National Patient Safety Foundation Research Committee
  • Work Environment: Caring and Spirituality
  • Pain Management Outcomes
    • Pain Research Team: multi-cultural approach to measuring outcomes of pain management examined through quantitative and qualitative methods in Caucasian and Hispanic  populations leading to development of the Houston Pain Outcome Instrument
    • Committee for national redesign of the American Pain Society-Patient Outcome Questionnaire (APS-POQ revised)
    • Facilitated first pain management outcomes research with Chinese graduate nursing students
    • Awarded Honorary Founding Membership, American Society of Pain Management Nurses, Houston Chapter, Houston, TX.